Sharing our passion of photography with you, as artwork!

As a photographer, we don’t put the camera down at the end of the working day. It travels with us everywhere to capture & document the world wherever we go.

Photography is a passion for us! For the first time, we are opening the doors to a huge & ever growing catalogue of our personal work. The images we take when we are not working but simply wanting to capture the world around us in all its glory. 

From Landscapes to street scenes, macro images to global travel photography, these are the photographs that we put our heart & soul into, & until now, have not been available to the public. Now you can share our passion & our love of photography as stunning gallery style artwork, printed & constructed in Australia, on acrylic glass, canvas, framed fine art prints, posters or wood prints.

We want to be inspired by you! So if you are looking for a particular style of scene or image let us know by emailing us. Fully customised commissions for specific artwork especially for you are also possible.

Why choose LP artwork?


Print sizes

Our print sizes include landscape, portrait & square.


Small:               12x18 Inch

Medium:           16x24 Inch

Large:               20x30 Inch

X-Large:            24x36 Inch

2X Large:          28x42 Inch


Small:               15x15 Inch

Medium:           20x20 Inch

Large:               25x25 Inch

X-Large:            30x30 Inch

2X Large:          35x35 Inch


Types of Mediums

We have a range of print mediums on offer, see below for more information.

Acrylic Glass

  • Glossy Archival Photographic Paper
  • Premium 30+ year rated Plexiglas® that won’t fade or discolour
  • Diamond-polished & hand-buffed for the ultimate premium finish


  • 450gsm US-made Archival Canvas
  • Hand-cut, 40mm Double-Profile Hard-wood Frames
  • 75+ Year Fine Art Guild Certification & Archival Pigment Inks
  • Professional-grade finishing & hanging attachments
  • Satin laminate on all prints to provide UV & handling protection

Framed Fine Art

  • Premium Archival Printing on Australia’s best Cotton Rag Papers 
  • High quality finishes: Double-Washed glass & Stainless Steel hanging wire
  • A choice of high-quality mouldings - Black/White/Oak/Walnut 


  • Glossy Archival Photographic Paper
  • 230gsm Resin-Coated finish
  • Premium Archival Inks

Wood Prints

  • Moisture resistant finish
  • Long lasting anti-warp panelling
  • High-quality 20mm mounted Raw Timber
  • Square Edge finishing