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A Dose of Photography Inspiration at the Sydney Aperture Australia Conference

It was a first for Andy & I to be in the crowd at a conference, usually we’re the event photographers haha. At the start of the year when setting our goals, we made knowledge, development and training a priority to benefit ourselves and the business. After some research, I found the Aperture Australia Photography Conference in Sydney and with it’s incredible line-up of speakers I didn’t hesitate in booking our first photography conference.

In addition to attending the event, I also won the VIP competition including VIP front row tickets, dinner with the speakers and sponsors and guaranteed spots in the breakout workshops! What an incredible experience….

The event was hosted by renowned journalist Ray Martin with speakers across a number of fields including: Ray Collins - Oceanic Photographer; Tamara Dean - Photographic Artist; Jasin Boland - Film Stills Photographer; Christian Fletcher - Aust. Landscape Icon; Stephen Dupont - Conflict Photographer; and Ami Vitale - Nat Geo Photojournalist. We were ever inspired by the different genres and really took us back to our roots of photography, the passion, the story, the emotion, the reason why we started in this world - to create art, stories and emotional imagery.

See some of our captures taking in all the amazing speeches in the front row and a little behind the scenes vlog of our experience over the weekend. What a way to finish the financial year!

Em x

Go on... GET LOST!!! A day at the Woodford Folk Festival


So the other day I jumped in my car, packed the big medium format camera and went for a drive to see what I could see and look at doing some landscape photography…. I had no particular direction in mind, I just wanted to get lost, take random turnings and see where I ended up.

Leaving Brisbane, I drove up to Toowoomba then along the range through Crows Nest, Black Butt, Kilcoy then just before Woodford saw a sign to “Festival”

It was late in the day by then and I had decided to head for Mooloolaba to do a coastal sunset shot but the word Festival stuck in my head.

I captured this shot at Mooloolaba…..


…but while waiting for the light to be right, I jumped online on my phone…. stupidly I never actually realised that the Festival would be the famous Woodford Folk Festival…. I know, I’m an idiot but for some reason I never thought that would be between Christmas and New Year.

Now, I do love my music and folk music included, but I had never really contemplated the Woodford Folk Festival, it never really seemed my thing…. but it is the quiet time between Christmas and New Year, I had time on my hands and so on the way home I decided I would buy a day and night ticket for the next day and just see what happened.

…And what a great decision that was…. what a great festival it is.

I drove back up to Woodford for 10am the next morning and stayed until 11pm that night. Saw great artists including Cat Empire, Butterfingers, Nattali Rize and numerous others. Ate great food, sat and chatted to really interesting and genuine people, and honestly have never relaxed so quickly in all my life… and no that wasn’t because of anything else that people jokingly comment on about being readily available at Woodford.

In all honesty I went not knowing what to expect but found a fantastic, family orientated, all age friendly event with great music, great food, great workshops and an amazingly fun and lovely crowd of thousands of attendees.

You can go at a frantic pace and see as many of the acts as possible or slow right down and just lie in the sun with a beer or gin and tonic near one of the stages and let the atmosphere wash over you. I went for more of the latter than the former :) and just felt the tension built up from a lot of hard work over the past couple of months just drift away.

One day and one night just does not do the festival justice, so the plan is already in place that next year I’ll be taking the camping 4x4 and staying up there. I don’t know if I would do the full five days, but definitely three is on the cards, and I can’t wait.

So the lessons learned (or maybe re-learned)…. take the time to go and get lost, you never know what you might find…. and if you do find something that peaks your interest, just go and do it. You never know you might even find you enjoy yourself.


A Real Fairy Tale Wedding

Every Bride wants a fairy tale wedding where everything comes together perfectly, looks stunningly beautiful and all goes to plan with lots of laughter and good will along the way.

To be honest that’s exactly what a wedding photographer wants too with spectacular back drops, wonderful locations and most of all happy, engaging people full of the joy of the day.

With Emily and Dan that’s exactly what we got. A truly wonderful couple very much in love and with fantastic and fun loving families and friends.

We were grinning all day long both at the jokes and interaction with family and guests and at the thought of the great images we were able to capture. We had the perfect mix of people and location with a Cathedral wedding and the wonderful Tattersall club in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD as the venue.

The lead up to the wedding had been a bit rough weather wise but on the day even the Gods were on our side with beautiful blue sky and white puffy clouds.

Even walking through the streets of Brisbane through up some great opportunities for photographic magic.

A wonderful fairy tale day for us all. :)