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The Tasmanian Roadtrip Adventure Itinerary, Hobart to Launceston: Brisbane Portrait & Commercial Photography

My partner, Corey, and I live for adventures together, quality time, food & drink experiences, going out of our comfort zones and exploring the beautiful world around us. Earlier in the year we planned ourselves a Tasmania roadtrip as we’ve never been to the beautiful state and had heard many great things from our friends who had travelled there and lived there.

So here goes, here is our 1 week itineary of all the amazing adventures, the moments captured and all the information you need to plan your own trip. I just love seeing new places and documenting it through the lens as you will see below.

Salamanca Markets, fresh seafood, Mount Wellington, Lark Distillery & Preachers for Beers!

Up at the crack of down, we caught the the early flight to Hobart on Saturday morning, arriving into the beautiful historical city, picking up our hire car and explore the famous Salamanca Markets (only on Saturdays 8.30am-3pm)! There was so much variety in this market; food, wine, gin, crafts, more food, plants, produce, singers, art and much more. We explored grabbing a german sausage on the way before trying the famous “Fish Frenzy” for our dose of fresh Tasmanian seafood on the waterfront.

Our accomodation, Macquarie Manor Hotel, was positioned right in the centre of town so everything was within walking distance which was great! We found ourselves a craft beer shop, got ourselves some specials and made our way up to Mount Wellington, 1,271 metres above sea levels, only 20 mins from Hobart city and with views to die for. Don’t forget to bring a few layers it was 10 degrees colder up there. We finished our day with a visit to a creative and quirky spot called Preachers in the city, followed by the Whisky distillery, Lark, for some tasting paddles. What a day! To be bed early for our sunrise ferry to Bruny Island.

Bruny Island Cheese Company, “The Neck” Lookout, 3 Hour Wilderness Tour with Bruny Island Cruises

Up before sunrise, we made the jounrey from Hobart to Kettering (30 mins) for the first Ferry of the day over to Bruny Island. We went straight to the famous “The Neck” to see the beautiful views before the crowds arrived, then back tracked to Bruny Island Cheese Company for them to open. We tried some beautiful cheeses and came away with some cheese and alchohol for our romantic night in Adventure Bay. We were lucky enough to check in to our accommodation before our wilderness tour, at 43 Degrees at Adventure Bay, WOW is all I can say. Right on the beach, beautiful wooden luxury rooms with a spa! It was beautiful. We checked-in for our 3 hour wilderness tour and as we were getting onto the boat it started to POUR DOWN! It really added to the experience haha it was a memorable one that’s for sure. The images speak for themselves…. Cruising around the cliff faces of Tasmania seeing nature, animals, seals, dolphins and taking in the beauty! Breathtaken by this experience we came back to land, had a beautiful seafood dinner at Hotel Bruny, we recommend the Seafood Chowder and grilled seafood. Finishing the night with a spa and relax with cheese and wine - ‘This is living Barry’


Hobart Bakery Jackman & Ross, Devils Corner Winery, Freycinet National Park

“On the road again…..”

Being on holidays, it was nice to start our morning off nice and relaxed with our 43 Degree’s hosts bringing us some contintental breakfast snacks to start our day, waking to the sound of the ocean by our door! We packed up and caught the Ferry back to Kettering, drove back through Hobart and called in at the renowned Jackman & Ross bakery for a scollop pie and lamb and rosemary pie (and a cheeky bit of nutella cheesecake for the road haha). We stocked up on fresh salmon, prawns, cheese, wine, and salad goods for our trip to Coles Bay. The 2 hour drive flew by, calling in at the beatiful Devil’s Corner winery to do some wine tastings and take in their beautiful views. We walked away with a lovely bottle of Pinor Noir. Once we arrived at Coles Bay, we checked into our little ocean view cabin at Big4 Iluka @ Freycient and started our afternoon with a cheese platter, prawns and a glass of wine looking over the ocean.

The next morning we ventured out to Freycinet National Park to see one of the world’s top 10 beaches, Wineglass Bay. What an unreal sight to sea, crystal blue waters, beautiful rock formations and colours to die for. We also explored the Honeymoon Bay, Sleepy Bay and the Cape Tourville Lighthouse lookout for views like we’ve never seen! We finished our stay with a nice meal down at the Coles Bay Tavern, walking distance from Big4!

Full day Tamar Valley Wine Tour, city exploring, Cradle Mountain trip

To say the trip went out with a bang is an understatement, these last 2 days were UNREAL! We packed up and got on the road for our 2 hour trip to Launceston. We arrived at our hotel, Adina Apartments, to be conveniently picked up at 11am for a full day wine tour with Tamar Vlley Wine Tours. We were greated by the very polite, experienced and delightful Terry. On our 6 hour journey through the Tamar Valley in our mini bus, we got to experience wine tasting at Clover Hill, Pipers Brook (with a beautiful gourmet lunch), Sinapius and Delamere (with a delish cheese platter). The day was delightful, with Terry educating us along the way about wines and the region. We came away very happy with our experience, our beautiful lunch and cheese platter, with a lovely bottle of Clem Blanc from Sinapius. Also a little tipsy haha. We got Terry to drop us into the local craft beer bar called St Johns Craft Beer Bar, enjoying some yummy chicken breast and chips and Tasmanian craft beers. We then moved onto the close by spot Tandy’s, ending the night with a ‘to-death’ match of connect 4 haha

The next morning we were excited to tackle the breathtaking Cradle Mountain. From Launceston, the drive is 2 hours up the mountain and the views along the way are sensational. On arriving, we had an idea of the tracks we wanted to do, but we JUMPED out of our comfort zones and decided to do the hard tracks up to the summit, we travelled all this way! And that was the BEST decision we ever made. Corey and I started with the beautiful Dove Lake Circuit then hiked our way up Marion’s Lookout (very steap with chains) to reach the beautiful lookout. We caught a glimpse of snow, so we had to keep going haha. Corey had never seen snow before so we had to venture on, up and up the mountain towards the summit. We played in the snow, it poured down rain and we loved every minute of it! We chucked on our ponchos and we continued on the journey on the top of the mountain on the breathtaking Horse Track. We nailed out the 4-6 hour route in under 4 hours it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. A MUST DO! On our route back down, we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a number of wombats too. On a high, we drove the 2 hours back to Launceston, made ourselves some beautiful salmon and salad for dinner and went out for a few final drinks to celebrate our trip!

Morning Trip to Catrat Gorge

We would have loved to have spent more time at both Hobart and Launceston! We will be back again soon. Before dropping our hire car back we took a morning visit to the beatiful Catarat Gorge right in the Launceston city. A beautiful gorge with hanging bridge, cable chairs over the water and playground. It was the best start to the day and we were sad to say goodbye.


The Inspiring Weight Loss Transformation Stories, from REAL Women! Brisbane Fitness, Boudoir & Lifestyle Photography

Be inspired by the weight loss transformations of these amazing women! At any age you can love your body, be confident in yourself & embrace your progress….

Documenting unforgettable moments in people’s lives is one of the main reasons why I LOVE being a photographer and absolutely love what I do. I am so grateful to have captured a number of weight loss transformation photoshoots and shared these moments with women on an unreal journey in their life; making a choice to live a healthier life and prioritise their futures with their families.

Below I want to share with you some of those stories by REAL LIFE WOMEN! Women with kids, women with high level jobs, women that don’t have many hours left to spare of their days, women who lose 40kg+, women who we should look to as REAL inspiration for what’s achievable when you set your mind to a goal; be inspired, never give up on your goals and remember that your health is everything!

These stories fill me with so much emotion, I hope you can take away some great lessons from these women and be inspired to never give up on your own journey.


After a health scare, Priscilla embarked on this weight loss journey with the mindset of doing it for her and her family!

“I started my weight loss journey just over 12 months ago, I was severely overweight and I just became depressed and started to withdraw from weekend activities with friends.

I embarked on this journey with the mindset of I’m doing this for me and my family!

I was using this as a preventative before I became medically unwell. I was lucky enough that my blood pressure, diabetes etc were not being affected. So I saw it as a sign that it was now or never to take control of my life.  Over the last 12 months I have had to battle a lot of mental issues around the stigma of being obese and what life hurdles I had In front of me to tackle. The first 10kg was amazing! I felt so good I knew I had made the best decision in my life. After the initial drop things became really hard and I truly had to work every day to change my mindset and life style. I joined a gym and had a personal trainer and started to really meal prep and take control of what is being put in my body. It is still a daily struggle for me. Exercise has become easy, but the nutrition side is still a weakness of mine. My goal over the next 12 months of my journey is to take some time aside to reflect on nutrition and really learn what my body needs to fuel its self. I love my body. I am proud of all of my stretch marks and body parts as they genuinely tell a story of my life. I was able to naturally bring a child into this world and loose a tremendous amount of weight and still stand tall at the end of each day knowing I did this! To this date I have lost 36Kg. I would love to lose another 20 

To celebrate my 12 month anniversary of my journey I approached Em from Life Portraits about an in-between fitness, boudoir photo shoot to commemorate my journey thus far. I was a little hesitant to make the commitment but I was eager to understand how the process worked! I can’t tell you how many times they re assured me it was going to be fine and it will be such an amazing experience and they were 100% on board to help me celebrate!

From choosing the location to helping create the vision em was there with me every step of the way! On the actual day of the shoot I got there way earlier then expected and em was quick to rearrange her plans and meet me there which was so awesome to feel like I was the most important person that day.

 I was super nervous to get these photos taken as I wanted an element of raw/ but also really wanted to celebrate how far I had come and look at them and feel good. I loved what we created together and I walked away feeling really empowered! I am just your average girl sharing her average story to people. But in fact, I am sharing a story that SO many of us walk and I want everyone to know that they are not alone in the battle of obesity! Its time for us all to break the stigma and embrace our bodies!!  I am beyond excited to see what the next 12 months bring! And I hope with working on my nutrition my body shape will change!”

Priscilla Farry


This power couple lost a total 71kg together after confronting news from their doctor changed their mindset about their health!

“In mid-2017 Nikkita and I received some pretty confronting advice from our doctors. I was 100kg and Nikkita was 80kg. We were both very overweight and our doctor told us that we needed to lose weight. When we met each other we were at relatively health body weights but over the years we let ourselves go, and the weight just kept creeping on. In late 2017 we decided to finally join the gym at Anytime Fitness Enoggera, which was literally 200m from our house. We decided we would need to get a PT to keep us accountable. That is when we met Ryan Short. We started training with him and he referred us to Adam Holland, our dietician. 

We had a slow start for the first 6 months, but in late 2017 the laws were changed in favour of marriage equality and I decided I was going to propose to Nikkita on a holiday we had planned to Hawaii for my 30thbirthday. That’s when I really started to focus on overhauling my lifestyle. Nikkita and I started training more and focusing on our diet and by the time we went to Hawaii we had lost a combined 30kg. We came back from Hawaii engaged, and with a wedding to plan our determination increased. Fast-forward to April 2018 and we had lost a combined 71kg.  We both reached our goal weight of 55kg and wanted to celebrate the results with a photo shoot.

Our photo shoot was one of the best experiences together that we have ever had. It was so nice to get glammed up and have our photos taken with Em. Em was a pleasure to work with and immediately had us laughing. When we received our photos we were absolutely blown away by them. It was the perfect way to celebrate our weight loss journey and we can’t wait to do another one!”

Lisa Saunders


At 40, with 3 kids and determination that smashed her goals, Ailsa won the Maxines Transformation Challenge Grand Champion in 2018!

“The phrase "stuck in a rut" is appropriate way to describe how I felt prior to undertaking the January Maxines transformation challenge. I WAS exercising but was not seeing or feeling the benefits of my endeavours. Life was busy with 3 children, days just clicked by and I could feel my physical health declining not to mention my mental well being as well.

My 4Oth Birthday was fast approaching (Eek!) it was time to take control of things for myself and I committed to jumping on board for 12 weeks of hard training and getting comfortable with feeling "uncomfortable". This was teamed with more consistent nutrition, encompassed more food and better choices than I had made previously fuelling the demanding training sessions that I did.

It was a struggle at times to get through things, tears did get shed and a lot of self doubt hung in the air but those "transformation" changes that I thought only happened to "other people" started happening to me which was amazing!

In (almost!) no time the end of 12 weeks was closing in. My husband who had supported me throughout, surprised me with a fitness photo shoot with the lovely Emily at Life Portraits. When Emily called to spring the surprise I think I must of sounded very blunt... yes I was surprised but I was actually internally freaking out about being in front of the camera like a "model"! (what have I just said yes to ??!)

My fears were very much alleviated when we met in person. Emily was very professional and extremely personable, it did not take me too long to get comfortable with the photo shoot environment. Emily helped me to relax and gave wonderful guidance as to what I should do (as I had NO IDEA!)

I had AMAZING photos and with so many favourites that it was so hard to choose which ones I would submit for my entry into the Maxines transformation challenge. The images captured those changes I was after when I started my journey and a few days later, after submitting my entry (to my surprise) I was told that I had won!

Never did I EVER think that I would be able to call myself a Grand Champion. So not only now do I have an amazing opportunity being a ongoing challenge ambassador but I have beautiful and "OMG that's me" images to reflect back on thanks to Em and her photographic expertise.

My life has changed a LOT - I have since competed successfully on stage and fitness is now a permanent fixture which celebrates my strong body for what it can do not for what it can't.”

Ailsa Dicarlo


At 47 years of age, Sabine is down 30kg, loving her new passion for Crossfit and living a healthier life!

“This is the photo that started it all...

This was the moment I realised I had let myself get truly unhealthy, overweight and suffering from so many allergies that a box of tissues for all the sneezing was a constant companion. The journey started with a change in lifestyle, first removing food groups to see what my body was being sensitive to, end result I'm now gluten, dairy and sugar free. Some of the unhealthy weight started dropping but I still didn't feel I had a balance of food an activity so next step was heading to the gym were I was introduced to an amazing coach who started one on one personal training Crossfit style.

I completely surprised myself by falling in love with Crossfit and more recently Power Lifting and now 4 years on, 30kgs lighter than this initial picture. I found myself wanting to mark this achievement somehow and what better way than to do a photo shoot to mark this moment where I am the healthiest, fittest and honestly the most sexy I have felt in decades. I'm 47 years old, I never thought I could reach this goal but I'm super happy that I chose to celebrate this version of me in pictures with Life Portraits.

Thank you Em you made me look as beautiful as I finally feel.”

Sabine Goeman


Pearly hasn’t let Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) get in her way of reaching her goals and letting her true self shine through!

“I’m an old hat when it comes to photo shoots. I’ve always loved getting in front of the camera - it comes very naturally to me. But I’m often told that it takes a certain kind of bravery to bare yourself in a shoot, to be totally vulnerable. I’m lucky to have this built-in bravery, but I do have a different kind of obstacle I battle against every day, which could prevent me from getting in front of that camera- but I’ll never let it- Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

I’ve had GAD since i was a child, and I’m still working today to create positive neural pathways to replace the ones that my brain has formulated growing up. Negative thoughts like ‘you’re a failure’ ‘you won’t achieve your fitness goals’ and ‘you’ll never look as good as you could’ are examples of what thoughts I may experience when prepping for a shoot. But the reason I do this, the reason I exercise is to foster endorphins and show myself that I can set a goal and reach it (even when my brain is telling me I can’t). I still get in front of that camera, in spite of the negative thoughts, in spite of the anorexia I was diagnosed with half my lifetime ago (induced by GAD)- I shine in my photographs because I am celebrating how far

I’ve come, and how much I’ve grown. It’s so important to have an established trust with my photographer- someone who knows my doubts and knows how to bring my inner shine out to banish those negative thoughts. This is why I shoot with Emily- she has an understanding of the female disposition, of the human disposition- and she has a creativity that can’t be quashed!”

Pearly Tasker


“I was 96kg the day I gave birth, I lost 20kg then I let the 20kg creep back on again.” Renee decided to take charge of her weight and had a gastric sleeve procedure and then undertook the Maxine’s Challenge. “I am now 42kg down from the day of the gastric sleeve but now I am also fitter and stronger, mentally and physically.”

“In 2017 I decided to take charge of my weight and I had the gastric sleeve. For years I had battled my weight, yoyo with different fad diets.

Babies are what always saw me get to my highest weight. It was after the birth of our 3rd baby that I made the decision to have to procedure done.

I’d had a 5 year gap between child 2 and 3, which meant I was a bit older, and to put on all of my weight again really affected me mentally.

I was 96kg the day I gave birth, lost 20kg then I let the 20kg creep back on again.

Being 96kg and only 160cm I was as round as I was tall and you could see the angst in my eyes.

Our 3rd was a surprise to say the least as my husband had a vasectomy after the first 2 (but didn’t go back for the check up!!), our marriage was on the rocks we were eating rubbish and drinking to deal with the situation.

When Charley was nearly one we decided we couldn’t carry on this way and  we knew we need to do something to save our family and I knew and I needed to do something for me. SO along with buying a caravan, I had the gastric sleeve.

This was the decision that changed my life forever.

The surgery wasn’t easy, recovery was long and tough and I had days that I’d regretted my decision but as the weight started to melt away my heart stared to lighten the chip on my shoulder was no longer there.

After loosing a considerable amount of weight I still felt there was more to my health, so I decided that my 2019 New Years resolution was to get a healthy body and healthy mind so I committed to doing the Maxine’s 12-week challenge

You can lose weight with the gastric sleeve without being healthy and whilst I wasn’t terrible I wanted to be better and a exercise and eating plan always helps me keep on track.

I have done 2 Maxine’s Challenges this year the first was to get in shape before our 10 yr wedding anniversary in Vegas and let me tell you what a celebration that was, celebrating that we made it and didn’t give up! Then when we got back from Vegas I decided to do it again but this time give it my all.

I was so happy with the challenge, which is why I decided to have a photo shoot with Em from Life Portraits. I had come such a long long way in 2 years and at the end of my challenge I was 42kg down from the day of the gastric sleeve but now I was also fitter and stronger, mentally and physically.

I feel like Em really captured this in my photos, I was smiling and felt like a woman I could be proud of. I was able to see my body in a way I never thought I could, I looked happy, strong and fierce.

I love being fit and healthy, my kids and husband love me being fit and healthy.

I’m never going back, I’m not committing to a 12 week challenge, I’m committing to the rest of my life!”

Renee Houston


“I decided that I wanted to be role model for my children so they can understand the power and benefits of a healthy lifestyle.” Maz smashed her goal showing her kids that Mummy can have a 6-pack!

“I started my journey towards the photo shoot by simply wanting to challenge myself and to set an example for my children. I see so much obesity and unhealthy ways and not enough time outdoors and to many excuses people need to get off there ass and do something about it. I decided that I wanted to be role model for my children so they can understand the power and benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Not only food but exercise by setting a goal and achieving it even though you might have so many things to juggle. Life can be so hectic between work, school, sporting commitments and finding the time to spend with family.

For me, it was to see how lean I could get and for my kids it was to see me have a 6 pack and achieve my goal. Believe me it wasn’t easy when I was in the gym at 4am and I was struggling I would simply focus on my children and how I tell them each and every day you set your goals and you push through it, nothings easy but it’s worth it, to show them if you put your mind to it you can simple do anything. I have a motto I live by and it’s so simple but so very true “there is no such thing as can’t it’s will or won’t”.

I choose Life Portraits to capture my hard work. I have never done anything like this and I was out of my comfort zone. Em & Andy were amazing!! My photoshoot was exactly how I wanted it to be captured. They both were so professional, accommodating and guided me through everything I had no idea how to pose Em made me so relaxed and it was an amazing experience and am looking forward to doing another one.”

Marilyn Goolagong


“I started my journey at 89.7kg and was able to lose 33kg to get me down to 56.3kg for the photoshoot” Aagya learnt how a team of a personal trainer and nutritionist can change your life, your food habits and your training.

"I started my journey on the 11th September 2017 when I approached personal trainer Ryan Short to help me with strength training. Since starting this fitness journey I was just able to lose 10kgs in a year, however there came the point where the progress stopped. Ryan asked me about my diet and at that point i was on a flexible diet and never wanted to give up on food. He suggested me to see his dietitian Adam to help me with my food regime and he worked his magic. I started my journey at 89.7kg and was able to lose 33kg to get me down to 56.3kg for the photoshoot!

Adam and Ryan together changed my life. Adam got me lean and Ryan got me stronger everyday. I have never in my life felt this healthy, strong and confident! Thanks to them and I will be forever grateful! I always wanted to look like a model and pose in front of the camera, particularly now that I was at my leanest I really wanted to capture all the hard work. I approached Em from Life Portraits to capture all the moments for me and my hubby. Thanks to Emily for making us feel so comfortable and myself, so beautiful for the day! It takes so much confidence to pose for a camera it was such an amazing experience ️and I will always keep myself fit and strong ️ Never give up, life is beautiful”

Aagya Manandhar

Retro + Brights + Fitness + Fashion = SUCCESS

I love my job! I get to bring my ideas to reality and show my creativity through imagery <3

I worked with the newly awarded IFBB Figure Pro athlele Jac last week after her back to back competitions and we wanted to capture her physique in a way she hasn't previously. 

I had the idea of colours, brights and fun for her shoot as this reflects her outgoing fun personality and for anyone that knows Jac, she is always wearing bright gym clothes when she trains. So my minds' creative juices were flowing and all I needed was a location to bring all these ideas together! And I found it...  Mister Fitz in the valley! 

A beautiful pink wall, blue wall and black garage door was the perfect location to bring our looks together. The entire shoot was inspired by the metallic pink jacket and hat, and I worked the styling around that (thanks Supre!). 

Jac nailed this photoshoot and is absolutely stunning in these images! Well done girl <3 This is our second shoot together and she continues to improve every shoot!


Em x