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Capturing a woman's journey through life: Brisbane Maternity Photography

Since meeting and becoming ‘love at first site’ friends many years ago at James Cook University in Townsville, Leslie has been one of my closest friends and even though we live in different states we still always reconnect for our most special moments in life.

I have witnessed and captured her university fun, graduation with her family visiting from America (having moved to Australia originally to study), her hens day fun, being a bridesmaid at the wedding but also sneaking the behind the scenes photos on the day while Andy photographed the wedding….. And now the next chapter for her and her partner Ben, having a BABY!

I was honoured to capture these special moments for them and of course we captured them at their most special place, the beach. They live and breath protecting the environment, they are advocates for waste reduction, they run regular beach clean ups and they have so much purpose in their jobs and outside their roles to make change! They are truly inspiring people…

For anyone that knows Leslie and Ben, they know their love is infectious and they are one of the most beautiful couples I’ve met! See some of our favs from their session below captured at Little Bay in Sydney.

Em x

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From Embracing the Beach to Urban Colour Pop: Brisbane Fitness Photography

Sometimes a client has enough trust in your expertise and your style of photography that they leave the concepts of the shoot up to you. I LOVE THIS! I just need a location that they like and the style of outfits they want to wear and I create a vision in my mind of the outcome.

This was the case with the beautiful Emma. She told me her locations she liked and we discussed outfits, but the rest was up to me. I wanted to create something nature driven, candid and beautiful that really featured her kind spirited personality and her love for this particular beach (without going full beach raunchy in the sand haha).

We began our session at Burleigh in the Gold Coast for some beach photography by the water, followed by some active wear imagery then we drove to Brisbane to finish with some outrageous colour concepts!

Check out the result below! :)


Brisbane Fitness Photography

Empowering woman to love their bodies! BTS Vlog on tips & tricks for your first fitness photoshoot...

I am so lucky in my job that I get to work with unbelievable women that are inspirational, driven and have undergone emotional journeys to reach their goals. I get to be a big part of this journey, helping them plan their photoshoot, creating a vision to capture this moment in their life, documenting it for a lifetime, bringing their ideas to reality while also becoming a friend!  

One of the most common things I hear is "Is that me?". So many women have no idea how beautiful they are and how unbelievable they look in the skin their in. Yes I photograph males and females at the peak of their conditioning for competitions, but I also photography body transformations, weight loss journeys and boudoir photography, embracing the body in its everyday state. Everyone is on their own journey.... and we pride ourselves on creating a fun and personalised experience, offering very specific styling, posing and planning guidance easing the nerves and stresses of planning a photoshoot. 

A photoshoot is not always about looking lean and 'shredded', it's about capturing your beauty and creating an end result that you're proud of! 

I recently got to work with the stunning Sophie, guiding her through the process of how to plan and prepare for a photoshoot including supplying location galleries, Pinterest boards for styling, outfit planning and creating a visual of what her end result would be. 

This was Sophie's first photoshoot and to capture this experience, we created a behind the scenes vlog of what is involved in a fitness/boudoir photoshoot. We give you an insight into a 'day in the life of Life Portraits' showcasing our gold package (1-2 hour portrait package) with Sophie and what happens on a fitness photoshoot. 

See some of our favourite images from the shoot below as well as the vlog. Sophie is such a beautiful woman who priorities a healthy lifestyle (not competing) and embraces her everyday gorgeous body! 

Em x

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Tips to creating a fun & enjoyable family photoshoot: Life Portraits tells you their secrets

A family photoshoot can be very daunting for most and it is our jobs as photographers to guide you through this process making you feel comfortable and at ease while having fun. 

The process of creating a seamless, fun and enjoyable family photoshoot starts with planning, clear communication and idea generation. Here are some tips below as part of our process:

  • In your initial enquiry...

    • We supply our range of portrait packages which meet the needs of all clients: digital, albums and a la carte for wall art and beautiful keepsakes for the home.

    • We provide our full pricing booklet, there are no hidden costs or hidden prices with LP, we like to be upfront and honest with our clients

  • In the planning stages...

    • We communicate with you and get to know your family and how we can customise and personalise your photoshoot to your family

    • We secure a date that works for us both

    • We send a welcome PDF that explains our processes; how to be prepared for the session; clothing styling; using props in your session to customise the photoshoot; and tells you more about Andy & Em.

    • We then discuss your location and what clothes to wear to match this scene, time of day to get the best imagery and lighting, and show you example imagery to make you feel more comfortable with posing

  • The photoshoot....

    • Now comes the fun part, your photoshoot! On the day, we get to know you as a family in person, we have fun with the kids (without the camera in hand sometimes for them to get to know us), we let go, we have fun and you as a family get to relax and enjoy yourselves.

    • It's all about being yourselves and forgetting that we're even there! We are there to document moments within your family and the fun and love you share.

I had so much fun with Brenda, Drew and Christina on their family photoshoot recently and their family photoshoot is the epitome of what Life Portraits values are: Capturing precious moments in a candid photography style to really capture true emotion. See for yourself below! They are just the most beautiful family and we had great fun, such naturals. They relaxed so much that it was like I wasn't there <3


Documenting a 1 Year Old's Cake Smash: Priceless expressions of ripping open a cake...

A cake smash can go two ways.....

The child will love the cake and rip into it and make a mess of themselves....
...Or they'll be overwhelmed, not interested or cry because they're covered in cake haha

I photographed little Charlie's cake smash for his 1st birthday, his reaction was hilarious. Unlike at the dinner table, he was not very happy about being covered in cake and was not impressed at all that he had cake on his feet. He even went for a walk away from the cake to try and get it off his feet haha! He was more interested in his trains than the cake, so we got the trains involved in the cake diving haha It made my day. 

Little Charlie is my second cousin, and his dear Mummy decorated and made the experience absolutely beautiful, totally 'pinterest worthy'. Check out some of the fun below of our morning together at Minnippi Parklands. 

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When a family reunites....

"Families are like branches on a tree....We grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one..."

It was a special occasion for this lovely family last weekend, celebrating their youngest Jordan's 18th birthday. They made the most of the family all coming together, some travelling interstate, to capture these moments with a photoshoot. ⠀

It was a glorious afternoon at Gold Coast Botanical Gardens, the lighting was perfect, the location was beautiful and in front of me was a very fun, laid back family. When all of these things align, it makes my job easy haha

I always try to bring an aspect of the families personality out in their images. As the photographer, you slowly form a relationship with your subjects to make them feel relaxed. Once you reach this point of them feeling relaxed, you give them some fun ideas to work with and then they turn the shoot into their own. This is exactly what happened with this family and they rocked it!

There was some beautiful moments captured and even some that brought a little cheeky smile to my face. Thank you Gerrie, Jordan, Tegan, Ryan, James, Carla, Chris, Scott and Corey for a wonderful afternoon. 

Check out some of my favs below <3




"Up in the air I fly"..... A day in the life of Life Portraits

After photographing commercial portraits for client Josh under our business LP Commercial, I was lucky enough to also have the honour of photographing Josh's family under the portraiture side, Life Portraits. 

A rare opportunity I couldn't pass up, Josh went out of his way to pick me up from Archerfield Airport in Brisbane and fly out to Chinchilla. It was an early morning, taking off at 5am, flying out of Brisbane to the view of the sun rising behind us and fog covering parts of the city. I was fortunate enough to be able to capture the journey on my camera as well as footage on my GoPro Hero 5 Black. Josh also records his journeys for YouTube. With both of our footage and images I created the below video insight into my journey. 

Upon arriving in Chinchilla, it felt very homely, very much like my hometown of Clermont (which is where I met Josh). I photographed Josh's family nearly 5 years ago when his youngest was a newborn. I was very excited to be meeting the girls again and capturing their personalities, characteristics and their fun antics on the land. Capturing a family in their home environment is a very special thing - you create a story, capture a special moment in time within a home they've come to love. I captured the Adam family in their home environment, with their animals, their gardens, surrounded by stunning rural countryside. I have delivered their gallery for proof and blown away by the results. 

Em x