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Since meeting and becoming ‘love at first site’ friends many years ago at James Cook University in Townsville, Leslie has been one of my closest friends and even though we live in different states we still always reconnect for our most special moments in life.

I have witnessed and captured her university fun, graduation with her family visiting from America (having moved to Australia originally to study), her hens day fun, being a bridesmaid at the wedding but also sneaking the behind the scenes photos on the day while Andy photographed the wedding….. And now the next chapter for her and her partner Ben, having a BABY!

I was honoured to capture these special moments for them and of course we captured them at their most special place, the beach. They live and breath protecting the environment, they are advocates for waste reduction, they run regular beach clean ups and they have so much purpose in their jobs and outside their roles to make change! They are truly inspiring people…

For anyone that knows Leslie and Ben, they know their love is infectious and they are one of the most beautiful couples I’ve met! See some of our favs from their session below captured at Little Bay in Sydney.

Em x

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With Cyclone Oma causing havoc up and down the Southern Queensland coast this weekend there seemed no better time for my son and I to have a father and son weekend combining our love of surfing and of cameras.

Now when it comes to photography I’m pretty confident saying I know my stuff but when it comes to surfing, while I love both doing it and watching it, I have to be honest and say I’m pretty hopeless at it.

My little boy on the other hand is still learning his camera work but loves his surfing and after only a couple of lessons can go off and catch a wave and unlike his dad actually stay standing riding it to the end.

All that said the set after set of bumper waves crashing up and down the Gold and Sunshine Coasts were well beyond anything we could even pretend to go out in so we decided to stay on dry land, break out the cameras and have a great father and son weekend watching and capturing the action by surfers we can only dream about ever being as good as.

And what a pleasure it was to watch those men and women out among terrifyingly large crashing waves. Saturday was the most dramatic down at Kirra Point and Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast and then Sunday a quieter session up at the Spit at Noosa.

Though while I must say the surfing was impressive, and it is always fantastic to photograph people in their element, what was more impressive to me was my little boy using a big telephoto lens for the first time and shooting fast sports for the first time and nailing some absolutely amazing shots.

No random firing of the camera for him, but careful framing and timing his shots for the best drama. He has owned and been using cameras since he was three. Now at 11 he is becoming a really accomplished young photographer.

As a father there is no greater thing than sharing two of your favourite things with your child and also watching them develop realising with pride that they will, without doubt, one day surpass you at both of them.

So here are my pics….. and my son’s follow below…

And here are a small number of Jack’s….

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Insomnia And Your Camera Can Be The Perfect Partners

4am Saturday morning. It's the end of a franticly busy couple of weeks and it's my first day off in a while with no commitments and the first real chance for a sleep in... but I'm wide awake.

No matter what I try and do, sleep is not coming back to me.... 5000 sheep have jumped the garden gate in my head and nothing is happening. The reality is I'm not going to sleep as the jobs and images of the past two weeks are still playing through my mind... my body may have switched off but my brain won't.

You might think at a moment like this it's not the time for someone to pick up their working tools, but for me, grabbing the camera is exactly what I need. It's at times like these I pick up my Pentax medium format 645Z a couple of lenses, a ten stop ND filter and head for the car.

Outside it's a crisp pre-dawn morning, the first morning this year when you can feel winter in the air and the last vestiges of sleep are torn away in one chilly bite.

20 minutes later, the stresses and strains of the previous couple of weeks are fast receding in the rear view mirror. I'm chasing the sunrise to a wailing soundtrack of guitars and vocals. Eric Clapton, Blue Oyster Cult, Jimi Hendrix and a host of others are blasting out of the wonderful Bang Olufsen sound system in my Audi to a backing track of a purring V6 engine. I no longer care about sleeping, I'm wide awake with a road trip wide grin on my face.

Watching the crescent moon fade and the deep black of the sky slowly change to an indigo blue I pull off the highway at Currumbin at the tail end of the Gold Coast with just 20 minutes to spare before sunrise.

It's perfect, a cloudless sky, fishermen creating silhouettes on the rocks and as the yellow and orange hues start to creep over the ocean horizon heralding the rise of the sun I'm set up on the beach, Pentax tripodded and waiting for the day to begin in earnest.

For me this is the ultimate relaxation. The waiting moments that come with landscape photography, the calm and peace of studying the sky and colours and light waiting for the right moment to press the shutter. It's such a trance like contrast to the invariably fast paced photography that fills my working days, particularly when working with the Pentax. It is an amazing camera but one that demands that you take your time and think things through to get the best out of it. I'm using a ten stop ND filter to slow the exposures down and mist up the crashing waves taking my shutter speeds over the five minute mark, again slowing down the photographic process and making me take my time. As a consequence, heart beat and mind slow as well and finally for the first time in a while, with the chill sea breeze, the crashing waves and the sun finally coming over the horizon, I start to relax. 

Ten exposures later that's it... the day has begun the sun is up. It's time for a trip to a nearby Surf Life Savers Club for a steaming cup of coffee or three and a decent breakfast.

On the way back home the sound track changes... Lene Marlin, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars take over where Clapton and Hendrix left off. At home a little bit of time is spent processing up the pictures then an easy dinner and finally the mind has switched off and a night of wonderful, restful sleep begins.